Growth is powerful when it’s managed well.

When it’s not, well, that growth can become malignant in the blink of an eye. And if your company or project is poised for the next phase, it’s critical that you have the infrastructure, Key Performance Indicators, and accountability to support that growth. Even more importantly, you need to ensure your team is trained for performance and leadership to deliver on that big plan.

That’s where I come in. For more than 20 years, I’ve been helping companies and human beings discover the next level of what is possible in their performance. I’ve built my own endeavors, and helped others soar. How can I help you today?



Purdue Women in Business Leadership Conference
Indiana, February 2017

How to Unveil & Leverage Your Social Cause
NYU Net Impact, Stern School of Business
New York City, September 2016

How to Have It All: A Workshop
Harvard Women in Business Conference
Cambridge, October 2016


Speaking Tour: Women’s Empowerment & Entrepreneurship
US Department of State
Nepal, March 2016

The Workforce & Women’s Empowerment
NYU Social Innovation Symposium
New York City, February 2017

How to Have It All: A Workshop
NY Chapter: American Women in Business Association
New York City, September 2016

Entrepreneurship: An Empowerment Toolkit
World StartUp Cup & WECREATE Summit
Washington, DC, August 2016


Empowerment: A New Framework
Keynote & Workshop, Step Forward Program
Konica Minolta USA, January 2016




  • Are You a Leader or Task Manager?

    When I see clients running around, never quite getting ahead of the ball, my inner anthropologist kicks in. Such frenzied activity offers important clues which tell me those clients: (1) haven’t delegated enough; (2) are at the mercy of their calen...

  • If You’re the Company Founder, You Probably Shouldn’t Be the CEO

    That may seem counterintuitive. Who better to lead the company than the person who created it? What many founders fail to realize, however, is that a vision and its evangelization is nourished with a certain kind of fuel — and it’s very different...

  • Why the Children of Immigrants are Essential to Innovation

    When I was growing up, there was no label for my cultural situation; I was just hyper-aware of being different from my friends. My dad had a funny Italian accent, and mom a Scottish lilt, and we were all making our way here in the......

  • The New COO is a People Development Officer

    The new world of a Chief Operations Officer (COO) often looks like a world with no actual building. Often it comprises a virtual operation with teams stretched across multiple cultures and time zones. So how does that shift the job description?...

  • Your Company: Real Teamwork or Fantasy Football?

    The hardest thing for most people to do is lead by getting out of the way. There’s a common theme I’ve found in conversations with hundreds of human beings that I like to call the “fantasy football of leadership.”...

  • Surrender to Your Calendar

    Overwhelm comes from inadequate time management. When everything is swirling in our heads, it becomes impossible to know what’s managed and what isn’t. It makes us scattered, overwhelmed, and ineffective as humans and leaders....

  • Stop resisting your natural talents

    We tend to dismiss the things that come easily to us. There seems to be nobility in the phrase "Nothing worth having is easy." Let's stop doing that, shall we?...

  • Be kind, not nice

    “Kind” and “nice” are two very different things. At its most manipulative, niceness is a mask to facilitate the getting of something. Kindness, however, is a way of being in the world. It requires self-reflection, and discernment. ...

  • Dear Other Women: Please Stop Telling Me How to Be a Woman

    I’m very concerned. Everywhere I look these days, we seem to be telling each other the right way to be women. Lean in. Stand up. Speak up. Fight the patriarchy. Do it like a GIRL!...

  • Out of Adversity, Millennials Will Rise

    This article was originally published at, where I was acting as interim COO to create initiatives to attack the problem of global youth unemployment. It’s a little look at my history and mindset as an entrepreneur, and what I see as pos...

  • What Defines Happiness?

    I recently attended the International Day of Happiness Conference at the United Nations (officially March 20th each year), where leaders in the political, non-profit and for-profit worlds gathered to look at key indicators around the globe that measu...

  • A Tale of Two Women

    This was my first guest post for, an organization I’m honored to work with not only because of their humanitarian efforts, but also for the use of “hard-headed” in their tagline. The photo above is courtesy of my dear friend...

  • Entrepreneurship: Life on the Lunatic Fringe

    For quite some time, I’ve wanted a place to talk about the non-food side of my life. I’ve been promiscuous in writing for other places, from SavvyAuntie to YSN and other outlets, but had never taken the time to create a digital home for m...