Jennifer combines the Pecorino-salty sass and pepper-grinder curves of Sophia Loren with the boots, cuffs, and universe-rocking crash! bang! pow! of Wonder Woman. On any given day, she might be jetting across the International Dateline to remind teenage girls that they do, in fact, run the world, or whiteboarding and game-changing in a hastily crafted updo, somewhere in a closely guarded back room at the UN. She's got plans to shake up the planet, but you're on a need-to-know basis for now.

(This version was written by a friend. It’s also my favorite version.)

Jennifer Iannolo (ya-KNOW-low) is a life-long entrepreneur and modern Renaissance woman.

Jennifer brings her insights to global audiences from Harvard to Kathmandu. As a featured speaker for the U.S. State Department, she travels the globe fostering women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship, including a recent tour of Nepal, and an upcoming tour of India. She can also be found on college campuses encouraging young women to examine “How to Have It All,” her workshop that often fills conference rooms to capacity.

In 2015 Jennifer launched The Concordia Project™ to bring forth a global conversation of inclusive empowerment, as well as programs to guide young women through their key decision-making moments in life. She recently shared insights from the project at UN Headquarters during the 61st Commission on the Status of Women.

A pioneer in digital content, Jennifer co-created Culinary Media Network® — the world’s first all-food podcast channel — in 2006. She’s been featured in media from television to Bloomberg Businessweek, to a New York Times bestseller, and the documentary Eat. Cook. Love.

While an undergraduate at NYU’s Stern School of Business, she built her second company and chaired a conference on social entrepreneurship (before it was an official major or buzzword). Today she collaborates with leaders of social impact, including UN Women, the Centre for Social Innovation and the ONE Campaign. Jennifer lives in New York City, and can be found in the ether as @foodphilosophy.



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