Jennifer is the catalyst of change for the greater good. Our USNC-UN Women's Young Professionals Committee has her wisdom and guidance to thank for evolving us from a group of 3 to a committed and active group of 30+ young professionals. As the Young Professionals Co-Chair, I cannot thank Jennifer enough for the impact she has made on our team!

- Yinan Xia, Co-Chair, UN Women Young Professionals, NYC

Jennifer stepped in to help our company define KPIs, streamline our organizational and reporting structures, and offer some executive coaching at a critical point in our growth. She possesses an amazing ability to see behind the obvious and uncover the key drivers of issues both within a corporate culture, and inside an individual executive. I would absolutely recommend her anytime!

- Cynthia Schames, Founder with 2 exits, former VP Sales & Marketing, Sourceeasy

After working with 1,000+ women around the globe, I’ve seen some clear patterns emerge.

These “scripts” seem to take hold no matter what our culture, socioeconomic status or education level. We are relentlessly hard on ourselves, often trying to get it “right,” or “perfect.” We feel an overwhelming need to deliver. We want that gold star for a job well done. Or some variation of the theme that we must prove ourselves just as worthy, that we can compete, we can do our jobs well, and create companies that thrive.

And we torture ourselves in the process. But what if it didn’t need to look that way?

I find these scripts so powerful and compelling that I’ve devoted my life’s work to transforming them. I’m creating a different level of empowerment for women — that is self-generated, self-sustaining, and infinitely renewable. I call it Self-Directed Empowerment™.

My work takes me around the world speaking to groups of women and the men who support them, including these exciting projects:

  • Featured speaker and expert in women’s entrepreneurship for US State Department, with tours of Nepal and India
  • 6-time speaker at Harvard for the Women in Business undergraduate program
  • Founder of The Concordia Project, a global think tank of women 18-25
Jennifer spent an afternoon at 1776 in Brooklyn to train female founders in the art of the elevator pitch.
Jennifer spent an afternoon at 1776 in Brooklyn to train female founders in the art of the elevator pitch.
Jennifer also did an in-depth pitch training at t-hub, India's biggest incubator, during her US State Department speaking tour.
Jennifer also did an in-depth pitch training at t-hub, India's biggest incubator, during her US State Department speaking tour.

So what does all of this mean for you?

I come with good news! While much of the time our responses and behaviors are due to the cues around us, no matter what our culture, education level or economic upbringing, we are our own biggest obstacle. That means we can do something about it.

My private, one-on-one coaching is focused on your performance and growth, addressing everything from infrastructure development to performance training and the art of delegation. Also, you remember that thing called life? We make sure you carve out room for that as well. As someone who experienced complete entrepreneurial burnout in my mid-30s, I want to prevent that for as many women as possible.

After 20 years (and then a little more) in the world of startups, new and growing ventures, I have first-hand expertise in what is required for an entrepreneur to go from a great concept to actually opening the doors to the new enterprise – and then having the company grow up to sustain that vision.

As a leader, I’ve built successful teams for my own companies and others, with results that are groundbreaking both personally for the team members and for the companies as a whole. Most importantly, I understand how different the road is for women in this sphere of business, and it’s my goal to have you be the best kind of badass possible.

What does the coaching program look like?

My intensive process examines the scripts we face, dismantles their meaning to you, and creates new dynamics that develop you as your own source of empowerment, every single day. It turns you into your own superhero. Over the course of 3-6 months together, we will transform your relationship to yourself, and where your power comes from.

My clients have included:

  • Female executives at companies ranging from 50 employees to the Fortune 100
  • Female founders at all levels, from early-state startup to Forbes 30 Under 30 venture competition winner
  • Small business owners in fashion design, digital media, music and health fields

Here’s how it works:

  • Prior to our first call, I’ll have you do a pre-recorded exercise that serves as a “brain dump” of big-picture questions about life and work. You’ll also look at common pain points and stumbling blocks.
  • On our first call, we’ll review the answers from that exercise, and begin to build a game plan that maps out your next year of milestones, with a focus on the next 90 days.
  • We then meet once a week by phone for 60 minutes to work the plan. In this way, we focus on real-time results and deliver on your goals. Every exercise you do as “homework” throughout the week is delivering on the goal, so it doesn’t require extra time outside your schedule — it is meant to seamlessly fit.
My first venture backed startup failed when I was in my early twenties and I was at what is most likely the lowest point in my life. It was during that time that one of my mentors referred me to Jennifer who helped me work through everything that went wrong, and provide support and guidance as I've gone on to build two profitable companies, and co-found a third startup that won the $500K Forbes 30 Under 30 Change the World Competition. When I look to strong women who can help guide me as I grow in my career, Jennifer is at the top of the list.

- Chloé Alpert, CEO, Medinas