Jennifer is an engaging, animated speaker who has inspired young women from undergraduates at Purdue University to activists at the United Nations. A featured speaker for the U.S. Department of State on women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment, Jennifer brings a new viewpoint to the concept of empowerment that is not only universal, but also ground-breaking in its approach. 

Her keynotes focus on crafting a new lens through which to see leadership, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. Her workshop on “How to Have It All” continues to fill rooms at Harvard and on campuses around the country. The most recent, for the Purdue Women in Business organization, was sponsored by Ford Motor Company.

Jennifer constantly strives to reframe the context about seemingly ordinary subject matter to empower us and put us in charge of the way our lives go — sometimes despite huge obstacles. She makes a strong emotional and thought-provoking connection with her audience, taking them on a journey through laughter, sometimes tears, and everything in between.

I recently attended an “Inspire Nepal” conference in Kathmandu and Jennifer was the keynote speaker. What a perfect choice! She did exactly what the organizers hoped — she not only inspired Nepal, but also touched everyone in attendance with her powerful message of empowerment and personal responsibility. Jennifer was witty, incisive and eloquently powerful in her delivery, as well as in her vision. And, although the women in attendance might have thought her message particularly tailored to them, all of us, no matter our gender, came away with a renewed sense of self and of purpose. Jennifer understands that the best speakers engage not just our minds but our emotions. She did both with the touch of a master and left us all wanting more!

- Ambassador (Ret) Scott Delisi, Executive Director, Soarway Foundation


Jennifer tailors each keynote to your audience, drawing from a breadth of knowledge of entrepreneurship, innovation, human dynamics, and context creation. Her process includes multiple components from the keynote itself to workshops and supportive efforts for your event. Here are her specialty topics:

Empowerment – A New Framework: Jennifer’s thesis statement, which looks at empowerment from an entirely new angle, highlighting inclusiveness and providing a 3-step toolkit. This talk has been shaking things up from corporate headquarters to classrooms in Kathmandu.

The Entrepreneurship Toolkit: This talk is designed to prepare entrepreneurs to stay empowered during the moments when the rug is pulled out from under them (and that will happen more than once). Advice is derived from Jennifer’s own major life change, because at the height of her career in digital food media, she developed an autoimmune disorder and severe food allergies, and had to reinvent her entire career. Plot twist!



The Concordia Project: Empowering Indigenous Young Women in Nepal
UN Commission on the Status of Women, New York – March 2017

Opening Keynote: Purdue Women in Business Conference
Indiana – February 2017

Opening Keynote: Inspire Nepal Business Expo
Kathmandu, Nepal – March 2016

Closing Keynote: Women in Business Week
Harvard University – Cambridge, MA – Apr 2015

Keynote: World StartUp Cup
Washington, DC – August 2016

Speaking Tour for U.S. Department of State
Kathmandu, Pokhara & Biratnagar, Nepal – March 2016

Keynote & Workshop for Step Forward Program
Konica Minolta USA, New Jersey – Jan 2016

Dean’s Leadership Roundtable: NYU Stern School of Business
New York, NY – Oct 2014

Keynote: Internship Week Kick-Off
Harvard University – Cambridge, MA – Oct 2013


Purdue Women in Business Conference
Lafayette, Indiana – February 2017

Harvard Women in Business Conference
Cambridge, MA – November 2015 & 2016

American Business Women’s Association
New York, NY – October 2016

NYU Stern Net Impact
New York, NY – Sept 2016

King’s College: Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Development
Kathmandu, Nepal – March 2016

Maker KT Program
Kathmandu, Nepal – March 2016

American Corner – U.S. Embassy
Biratnagar, Nepal – March 2016

Step Forward Program: Konica Minolta USA
New Jersey – Jan 2016

I don't know if you're aware of the impact you've had today. What you said has had a ripple effect on the women here -- you've changed a lot of viewpoints.

- Marsha Palanci, President, Cornerstone PR / Women in Wine Leadership Symposium