startup & growth consulting

Jennifer stepped in to help our company define KPIs, streamline our organizational and reporting structures, and offer some executive coaching at a critical point in our growth. She possesses an amazing ability to see behind the obvious and uncover the key drivers of issues both within a corporate culture, and inside an individual executive. I would absolutely recommend her anytime!

- Cynthia Schames, fmr VP Sales & Marketing, Sourceeasy

As a founder and business owner, it’s very easy to get so caught up in your vision, you’re unable to move to the next step. Or sometimes you just can’t see what the next step is. With my startup growth consulting, which includes everything from infrastructure development to performance training, leaders and team members learn to get out of their own way by bringing blind spots to light and creating strategies to work through them.

After 20 years (and then a little more) in the world of startups, new and growing ventures, I have first-hand expertise in what is required for an entrepreneur to go from a great concept to actually opening the doors to the new enterprise – and then having the company grow up to sustain that vision.

I’ve built successful teams for my own companies and others, with results that are groundbreaking both personally for the team members and for the companies as a whole. My approach focuses both on the individuals AND on the project.




This high-growth manufacturing startup had expanded to 4 countries, and needed to establish solid lines of accountability, infrastructure, and process to sustain growth and prepare for scale. Communications were particularly challenging, with staff in 6 different time zones, using multiple languages and styles of process.


To create a foundation of cohesiveness, we conducted in-depth interviews with offices around the globe, then held a town hall meeting to discover where weak points were in the process, along with challenges to specific team members. From there, we established the following:

  • Key Performance Indicators for all areas of the business, including cultural measures
  • Mechanisms to ensure accountability and empowered decision-making
  • Management insights to leverage strengths of team members and foster intended company culture
  • Tools to manage and break through weak spots
  • Executive coaching to provide leadership development