Jennifer's ability to coach us from the macro level of organizational operations to the micro level of one-to-one empowerment, has allowed our educational project to grow into a multinational organization. Her expertise has helped us to create a volunteer staff of 15, collaborating in 30 countries with over 300 teachers, and impacting thousands of students.

- Lisa Petro, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Know My World

If you really want to shift something in your company’s culture, team development workshops can be the magic bullet to cut through the typical “group dynamics” angst that impedes growth and productivity. Our proprietary methodology breaks up those conversations and contexts, and provides a foundation for building what works.

Our case study below outlines some specific challenges and solutions, but in general, our workshops can:

  • Create team cohesiveness
  • Resolve personality conflicts
  • Enable a new way to examine a recurring issue
  • Resolve personality conflicts
  • Provide a toolkit to leverage strengths and transform weaknesses
  • Create a culture of accountability



This new educational and cultural organization had a talented young staff in 3 different countries, and while all were excited to participate, the cohesiveness and shared vision to get things off the ground was missing. Instead, there was frustration, missed deadlines, and passive-aggressive communication among staff members.


We conducted a virtual workshop where each team member was given the space to do some of our proprietary blue-sky exercises around their natural talents, and what they ideally wanted their roles to be. Through this lens, we were able to look at team dynamics, voice concerns, and create a real plan of action for each person. The team left our 4-hour session with:

  • Distinctive roles for each team member designed to leverage their specific strengths
  • Methods and tools to address and manage their communication weaknesses
  • Measurable results (Key Performance Indicators) that painted a clear picture of the company’s health and success
  • Understanding and cohesiveness among the team, and a shared mission
  • The lightheartedness and agility needed to manage the stressful environment of startup and initial growth