Jennifer's ability to coach us from the macro level of organizational operations to the micro level of one-to-one empowerment, has allowed our educational project to grow into a multinational organization. Her expertise has helped us to create a staff of 15 that collaborates in 30 countries with over 300 teachers, and impacting thousands of students.

- Lisa Petro, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Know My World

If you really want to shift something in your company’s culture, creating a culture of responsibility and accountability can be what truly changes its dynamic.

Jennifer’s work on Self-Directed Empowerment™ — where each human being is his/her own source of renewable, sustainable power — has an exponential effect on any team setting, and is especially powerful when it starts with your leadership team and is extended to the rest of your organization.

By shifting the idea that responsibility = blame, and progressing toward an ideal where responsibility is the access to true leadership and company evolution, your team members will see a completely different approach for themselves to grow and collaborate.

Jennifer’s theory is based on 3 core principles, which she addresses in very simple steps so they can be implemented immediately:

1. Context
2. Collaboration
3. Contribution

She has been working with people around the globe — from entrepreneurs in India and Nepal, to students at Harvard, and executives at Konica Minolta. Jennifer’s talks can also include copies of her manifesto, No One is Coming, which outlines her model of Self-Directed Empowerment and provides a quick reference whenever needed.

In addition, Jennifer’s talks provide a foundation for building what works inside your organization, including:

  • Creation of team cohesiveness
  • Resolution of personality conflicts
  • Enabling a new way to examine a recurring issue
  • A toolkit to leverage strengths and transform weaknesses based on people’s natural talents

Listen to Jennifer’s interview for the USA Today GrowthLab Podcast:


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