Female founders hear the word “empowerment” constantly — so much that it has become overused and misunderstood.

Think about it: When you hear empowerment described, it’s often in the context of “going to give it to” someone:

Our initiative is going to empower female founders.
We’re going to empower young girls in India.

Here’s the problem: Something that can be given can also be taken away. That is neither effective nor sustainable.

Jennifer’s model of Self-Directed Empowerment™ turns that entire idea on its head, and provides female founders with a renewable, sustainable source of personal power — like having their own personal sun. Her manifesto, No One is Coming, is a simple to use, step-by-step guidebook that provides instant solutions for the women in your audience to put into action immediately.

Jennifer is bringing her good news to female founders around the globe in multiple ways, from her work as a featured speaker on women’s entrepreneurship for the U.S. State Department, to her presentations at the United Nations. She also delivered the closing keynote for Harvard’s Women in Business Week 2016. Her talks have been sponsored by companies like Ford Motor Company and Konica Minolta.

With her framework, your audience members will craft a new lens through which to see leadership, problem solving, and teamwork. Jennifer makes a strong emotional and thought-provoking connection with her audience, taking them on a journey through laughter, sometimes tears, and everything in between.

As the founder of IMPERIA™, a global innovation incubator for female founders, Jennifer guides social impact-driven entrepreneurs through the launch of their initiatives using the Self-Directed Empowerment model.

As a lifelong entrepreneur and pioneer in digital media (she co-created the world’s first food podcast channel), Jennifer has been through just about every gauntlet an entrepreneur can face, and now does founder coaching and pitch-training for startups around the world, including at T-Hub, India’s biggest incubator.

Listen to Jennifer’s interview for the USA Today GrowthLab Podcast:



Jennifer’s keynotes draw from a breadth of knowledge in entrepreneurship, innovation, and human dynamics. Her process includes multiple components, from the keynote itself to supportive efforts for your event. Based on her model, the talk is tailored to your audience to provide immediate results.

No One Is Coming: The Principles of Self-Directed Empowerment™
What does it mean to be empowered? Where does it come from? This is Jennifer’s thesis statement and the subject of her published manifesto, which looks at the context of empowerment from a different angle. It disrupts the current approach to provide a breakthrough developmental model of Self-Directed Empowerment that can actually change the world.

At the end of her talk, women are left with a toolkit they can use immediately to frame any problem or challenge. This talk has been shaking things up from conferences like She Leads to Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business. It can be applied in many ways, as its subject matter is universal.

Jennifer’s theory is based on 3 core principles, which she addresses in very simple steps so they can be implemented immediately:

1. Context
2. Collaboration
3. Contribution

Female founders have a unique set of challenges
Given those challenges, it’s important for them to be equipped with a powerful way to move through the world and craft their companies. Self-Directed Empowerment provides a sustainable, renewable power source for them to do so, and uses the methodology Jennifer has used to coach thousands of women around the world, including the winner of the 2019 We Work Creator Awards Global Finalist, who won a $1 million pitch prize.

Jennifer spent an afternoon at 1776 in Brooklyn to train female founders in the art of the elevator pitch.
I cannot thank you enough for how valuable your session was to our community of female founders.



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