I recently attended an “Inspire Nepal” conference in Kathmandu and Jennifer was the keynote speaker. What a perfect choice! She did exactly what the organizers hoped — she not only inspired Nepal, but also touched everyone in attendance with her powerful message of empowerment and personal responsibility. Jennifer was witty, incisive and eloquently powerful in her delivery, as well as in her vision. And, although the women in attendance might have thought her message particularly tailored to them, all of us, no matter our gender, came away with a renewed sense of self and of purpose. Jennifer understands that the best speakers engage not just our minds but our emotions. She did both with the touch of a master and left us all wanting more!


Jennifer Iannolo is an engaging speaker who has inspired audiences from corporate headquarters at Konica Minolta to undergraduates at Harvard and activists in Kathmandu. She is a featured speaker for the U.S. Department of State on women’s entrepreneurship, and just returned from a tour of India, where her mission was to excite business owners and create buzz for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad.

As the founder of The Concordia Project, Jennifer brings a new viewpoint to the concept of empowerment that is not only universal, but also ground-breaking in its approach, with a focus on her contextual model of Self-Directed Empowerment™. She recently shared insights on these issues at the 61st UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Her keynotes focus on crafting a new lens through which to see leadership, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. Her workshop on “How to Have It All” has filled rooms with women of all ages, and garnered corporate sponsors including Ford Motor Company.

And as a lifelong entrepreneur and pioneer in digital media (she co-created the world’s first food podcast channel), Jennifer has been through just about every gauntlet an entrepreneur can face, and now does pitch-training for startups around the world, including at T-Hub, India’s biggest incubator.

She constantly strives to reframe the context about seemingly ordinary subject matter to empower us and put us in charge of the way our lives go — sometimes despite huge obstacles. Jennifer makes a strong emotional and thought-provoking connection with her audience, taking them on a journey through laughter, sometimes tears, and everything in between.

global speaker women's entrepreneurship
global speaker women's entrepreneurship
Something you said during your talk has stuck with me: No one is coming. It is a daily reminder to get things done and go after what I desire. You were truly inspirational.



Jennifer tailors each keynote to your audience, drawing from a breadth of knowledge in entrepreneurship, innovation, human dynamics, and context creation. Her process includes multiple components, from the keynote itself to workshops and supportive efforts for your event. Here are her specialty topics, including her breakthrough developmental model for empowerment:

No One Is Coming: The Principles of Self-Directed Empowerment™
What does it mean to be empowered? Where does it come from? This is Jennifer’s thesis statement and upcoming book, which looks at the context of empowerment from a different angle, disrupting the current approach, and providing a breakthrough developmental model of Self-Directed Empowerment that can actually change the world. It is the foundational concept and process for everything being done at The Concordia Project. This talk has been shaking things up from corporate headquarters to classrooms in Kathmandu.

No One Is Coming: Entrepreneurial Resilience
This talk is designed to prepare entrepreneurs to stay empowered during the moments when the rug is pulled out from under them (and that will happen more than once). An extension of her “No One is Coming” talk, this talk includes advice derived from Jennifer’s own experiences as a lifelong entrepreneur, and particularly from a major life change. At the height of her career in digital food media, she developed an autoimmune disorder and severe food allergies, and had to reinvent herself, her life mission, and entire career. Plot twist!

How to Have It All
This talk and workshop is particularly poignant for young women, and resonates from campuses to boardrooms around the world. (It has filled rooms 2 years in a row at the Harvard Intercollegiate Women in Business Conference!) With a look at creating a life by design, and an actual game plan to go with it, participants leave with an action plan and milestones for the life and work they really want, and a way to deliver on those goals.

No one has ever asked us these questions before. Thank you for lifting us up!


global speaker women's entrepreneurship



Host: Panel on Entrepreneurship & Innovation
United Nations Headquarters
New York City, February 2019


U.S. State Department Speaking Tour: Social Entrepreneurship
India (Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai), Sept 2017



Opening Keynote: Monarch Women in Business Conference
Purdue University, February 2017

Keynote: World StartUp Cup
Washington, DC – August 2016

Opening Keynote: Inspire Nepal Business Expo
Kathmandu, Nepal – March 2016

U.S. State Department Speaking Tour: Women’s Entrepreneurship
Nepal (4 cities), March 2016

Keynote for Step Forward Program
Konica Minolta USA, New Jersey – Jan 2016

Closing Keynote: Women in Business Week
Harvard University, March 2015

Dean’s Leadership Roundtable
Stern School of Business, New York University
New York, NY, 2015

Keynote: Pursuing Your Passion When Life Throws You a Curve Ball
Harvard Women in Business Internship Kickoff
Harvard University, October 2014

Keynote: The Future of Culinary Tourism
International Culinary Tourism Conference
Vienna, Austria, April 2013



Live Pitch Training
Hyderabad, India, Sept 2017

Designing Your Elevator Pitch
1776 Workshop for Female Founders
NYC, August 2017

Panel: Empowering Indigenous Women
Commission on the Status of Women 61
United Nations HQ, March 2017

Panel: Empowering Men Around Gender Equality in the Workplace
Women in Business Conference
NYU Stern School of Business, October 2015

Workshop: How to Have It All
Harvard Women in Business Conference – 2016, 2017
Purdue Monarch Leadership Conference – 2017
Hudson Valley Professional Women’s Network – 2017
American Business Women’s Association – 2016
NYU Stern Net Impact – 2016
Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Development, King’s College, Kathmandu  – 2016
Maker KT – Kathmandu, Nepal – 2016
Women LEAD Program – Kathmandu, Nepal – 2016
American Corner, US Embassy Biratnagar, Nepal – 2016
Step Forward Program: Konica Minolta USA – 2016

Managing Risk
Women in Wine Leadership Symposium
New York, NY – 2015

Workshop: Finding Your Career Path – a Look at Self-Discovery
Harvard Intercollegiate Women in Business Conference
Boston, MA, 2013

Panel: Food Careers
Harvard Intercollegiate Women in Business Conference
Boston, MA, 2013


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