Surrender to Your Calendar

Surrender to Your Calendar

Overwhelm comes from inadequate time management. Stop giving your time away to unnecessary things.

When everything is swirling in our heads, it becomes impossible to know what’s managed and what isn’t. It makes us scattered, overwhelmed, and ineffective as humans and leaders.

I’ll share a little secret with you, and it’s been the greatest thing I ever did for myself: I’ve learned to live and die by my calendar. If something isn’t written there, it does not exist on Planet Earth for me. As soon as I make a promise or an appointment it is logged, and then I don’t have the stress of wondering if it’s been managed. I also review the next day’s calendar every night before bed so I know what’s coming at me in the AM.

I originally started doing this out of necessity, because I have a condition called fibromyalgia that leaves my brain quite fuzzy sometimes. My memory is not very reliable, so the calendar functions as my assistant in life-planning. This frees up my brain to manage the rest of my life.

The other important piece is this: Many times we say yes to things arbitrarily, without really considering if they work in our calendar, or if we want to do them. Or we’ll create back-to-back meetings because someone (or a lot of someones) have made requests.

If you’re much more judicious with your yeses, and don’t feel that you need to give your time away, then you’ll have time to schedule appointments with YOURSELF — and usually for the things you’re neglecting, like the gym, time to read or meditate, or just quiet time.

Women in particular tend tend to be generous to everyone else first, and that leads to stress, burnout, and resentment. So be careful what you say yes to, and manage that calendar. And be kind to yourself!